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Position:  VFX Editor

Employer: Framestore, London, UK,

Dates: November 2021- Present


  • Ingesting new turnover and conforming project edit timelines via client AAFs, EDLs and XMLs, QT references, countsheets and lineup documents. Ensuring the frame and colour accuracy of entire productions, recording edit changes, troubleshooting and reporting any issues, updating Shotgun with shot information.

  • Maintaining an up to date edits and audio mix, whilst taking into account changing EDLs and countsheets from clients, as well as per shot versions from VFX departments.

  • Preparing for and operating the NLE system and projectors, during internal dailies and client review sessions and setting up Clearview and Framecast for remote clients and colleagues.

  • Working closely with VFX Supervisors and Producers to maintain in-depth understanding of a project's status.

  • Taking responsibility and ownership of projects, acting on any feedback from Supervisors & Producers and working closely with Pipeline in rendering proper color look of graded plates during projects.

  • Updating end of day edits and publishing client WIPs to Shotgun and Framestore's web-browser (Front2).

  • Building upon and refining the VFX editorial pipeline in conjunction with other Framestore facilities.

  • Organizing and preparing edits for distribution to various VFX departments.

  • Matching live action shots to previs sequences and exporting edls for grade to begin the colour pipeline.

  • Participating in the Mentor-Mentee programme to learn more about the virtual production process.


Man Vs Bee Series 1 - Netflix
His Dark Materials Series 3 - BBC and HBO
Invasion Series 2 - Apple TV+
Direct Line "Valkyrie" commercials
Paramount + commercials

Position: Freelance VFX Editor and Assistant Editor

Employer: Various - Electric Theatre Collective, Outpost VFX, Unit Studios, Dupe VFX, Blinkink, London, UK, Outpost VFX, Bournemouth, UK.

Dates: January 2019 – November 2021


  • Advising and assisting the set up of an editorial department for ETC's first long form production.

  • Working closely with Pipeline and Production to test colour pipelines and overall production workflow

  • Creating projects, managing and organising the turnover for different scenes, monitoring ingest jobs on Deadline, publishing plates, proxies and thumbnails for various shots, updating FTrack, Shotgun and Google Docs with shot information and updating edit sequences.

  • Conducting extensive editorial checks and reporting problems on google doc editorial change lists.

  • Creating a previs and live action mash up sequence for proof of concept for artists, director and network.

  • Troubleshooting any issues with EDLs, Count sheets, FTrack, Shotgun, Deadline and Nuke Studio.

Position: Freelance Assistant Editor

Employer: Various - Hogarth Worldwide, Fulwell 73, Clear Cut Pictures,  Atlantic Productions, Gramercy Park Studios, Picture Shop, Technicolor. London, UK.

Dates: May 2018 – November 2021

  • Ingesting and transcoding material from a variety of camera formats in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve and updating log sheets.

  • Setting up projects and proxy workflows and managing media on SANs, ISIS/NEXIS, EditShare and Facilis Terrablock workspaces

  • Syncing and grouping rushes.

  • Offline edit finishing, conforms, exports, playouts and uploads to Youtube and Vimeo.

  • Refining a animatic for a new VR experience, recording and cutting in new commentary, sourcing sound effects and music tracks and creating a rough sound design. 

  • Artwork prep in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop for Flame artists.

  • Exporting image sequences, low-res and high-res preview files for clients.

  • Quality control of assets for broadcast and online delivery, for various platforms and using a variety of file delivery methods such as FTP, Wetransfer and Media Shuttle.


Position: Freelance Assistant VFX Editor

Employer: BBC Studios, London, UK.

Dates: August 2021


  • Providing assistant editing and VFX editorial support for a feature length documentary.

  • Syncing and grouping rushes, sync pulling from interviews and providing shot selects from B roll footage.

  • Ingesting archive material and uploading backplates via MediaShuttle to VFX vendor

  • Importing scripts and using Scriptsync to match master clips to the transcriptions.

  • Creating turnover deliverables and VFX pulls for the VFX vendor including plate and sequence reference QTs, EDLs and submission documents, for Halo to generate the VFX pull EXRs.

  • Cutting in new VFX shots from the VFX vendor into the latest edit.

Position: Freelance Assistant VFX Editor

Employer: BBC Studios, London, UK.

Dates: August 2021


  • Providing assistant editing and VFX editorial support for a feature length documentary.

  • Syncing and grouping rushes, sync pulling from interviews and providing shot selects from B roll footage.

  • Ingesting archive material and uploading backplates via MediaShuttle to VFX vendor

  • Importing scripts and using Scriptsync to match master clips to the transcriptions.

  • Creating turnover deliverables and VFX pulls for the VFX vendor including plate and sequence reference QTs, EDLs and submission documents, for Halo to generate the VFX pull EXRs.

  • Cutting in new VFX shots from the VFX vendor into the latest edit.


Position: Freelance Media Transfer Operator

Employer: Hogarth Worldwide, London, UK.

Dates: December 2020


  • Quality control of assets for broadcast and online delivery, for various platforms and using a variety of file delivery methods such as Media Shuttle and Cyberduck.

  • Encoding files to various delivery specifications using Adobe Media Encoder.


Position: Freelance DI Finishing Editor and Dailies Operator

Employer: Company 3, London, UK.

Dates: June 2019 – August 2020


  • Conforming and prepping 2D and 3D sequences in Flame for grade and online, ensuring all required elements are accounted for such as VFX drop-ins, opticals, mattes and conform references, publishing stringouts for dustbusting and notifying production of any issues.

  • Responsible for syncing, logging, rendering and QC of various media, as well as overseeing the physical and digital delivery of material across all formats, for major feature film productions.

  • Ingesting and encoding from a variety of sources,  sending and receiving files via Aspera, TIXstream and Wetransfer, managing folder structures and storage allocation on the SAN and checking technical information and metadata in DaVinci Resolve.

  • Logging camera roll, scene and take information, adding burn-ins and QC comments, and cutting up footage in Colorfront OSD, as per camera reports, google docs and script supervisor notes.

  • Syncing camera masters with associated audio files.

  • Rendering and QC’ing editorial and viewing deliverables, monitoring render queues in Transkoder and uploading preview files to PIX system.

  • Applying LUTs and CDLs according to Production notes, if required.

  • Updating Google docs and the OSD database.

  • Extracting and restoring from LTO tapes via MetaTrack database and verifying LTO archives and back ups using DM3.

  • Processing VFX Pull requests, EDL and ALE wrangling and conforming and QC in DaVinci Resolve.

    Software used: Autodesk Flame, Colorfront OSD,
    DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Transkoder


Position: Technical Operator

Employer: BBC, London, UK.

Dates: Oct 2007 – Apr 2008

  • Restoring and maintaining the BBC’s archive, including various film, video and audio formats.

  • Critical assessment and quality control of sound and picture material and for dubbing to modern storage files and formats.

  • Replaying archive material for viewing and format transfer for broadcast and non-broadcast purposes.

Position: Freelance Media Operator

Employer: The Hub Plus, London, UK.

Dates: Aug 2007 – Sep 2007

  • Responsible for digitising video material using Final Cut Pro.

  • Performing simple edits and laybacks to tape.

  • QC exported files and uploading files to client FTP sites.

  • Ingesting and transcoding material using Episode Pro and Compressor; building DVD's using DVD Studio Pro.

Position: Compliance Co-ordinator

Employer:Red Bee Media, London, UK.

Dates: Jul 2007 – Jul 2007

  • Organised and managed transmission schedules for BBC Prime and BBC World channels.

  • Maintained routine correspondence with clients and suppliers and ordered & tracked tapes.

  • Provided administrative and operational support to the BBC Prime and BBC World Compliance team.

Position: Edit Assistant

Employer: IMG Media, London, UK.

Dates: Mar 2007 – Jun 2007

  • Operated linear and non-linear edit suites to digitise material and to produce other files from various Avid systems.

  • Performed compilation edits, auto-conforms, laybacks, edits of broadcast master, simple repairs to broadcast programming.

  • Provided media management and monitoring storage requirements, moved and installed drives and equipment between edit suites, set up tape decks and provided technical support.


Position: Ingest Operator

Employer: Ascent Media, London, UK.

Dates: Apr 2006 – Mar 2007

  • Responsible for the digitisation of video material, ingest and QC of materials into archive.

  • Recording tape to file to the required specifications and transferring material from video server to archive

  • Uploading files to client FTP sites and sending video files via Firewire drives, Digidelivery and DVD.

Position: Tape Librarian and Traffic Assistant

Employer: Ascent Media, London, UK.

Dates: Dec 2005 – Apr 2006

  • Co-ordinated the preparation and storage of tapes arriving into the system and after ingest.

  • Planned the movement of tapes between the facility and external storage and managed QC queries.

Position: Administrative Assistant

Employer: London Borough of Redbridge, London, UK.

Dates: Jan 2004 – Sep 2005

  • Numerous clerical and administrative duties.

  • Updating of the department’s database system and inputting applicant survey details.

  • Creating mapping information using in-house software.

  • Designing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Position: Runner and Junior Motion Tracker

Employer: Framestore, London, UK.

Dates: Jun 2002 – Dec 2003

  • 2D/3D camera tracking of live action sequences using specialist software such as Matchmover Professional and Boujou.

  • Set up scenes in Maya and create rough comps in Shake.

Position: Production Co-ordinator

Employer: Telemagination Ltd, London, UK.

Dates: 01/2001- 06/2001

  • Liasing with the layout artists for two animated television series and ensuring the company met the production deadlines.

  • Kept all documentation up-to-date and organised efficiently, provided production figures for the Production Supervisor and ensured everything was recorded accurately.


Position: Administrative Assistant at

Employer: Microtime Interactive/Deibus Studios, London, UK.

Dates: 07/2000 - 01/2001

  • Undertook a variety of clerical tasks and provided office support.

  • Involved in games testing and debugging, designing the company intranet, researching major brands for promotions and dealing with client enquiries.


NEP Virtual Studios and Lux Machina, London, UK.

Dates: 05/2023 - 06/2023                                                                                                                                                 

  • Short course - ICVFX Intensive Course

A six-day live remote course with experienced Unreal Engine instructors presenting tools and techniques used in virtual production and ICVFX.

Day 1 - Introduction and History of ICVFX and nDisplay
Day 2 - ICVFX Camera Configuration
Day 3 - Optimization and Camera Calibration
Day 4 - Lens Data & Mapping, Nodal Offset and Alignment
Day 5 - Web Remote and Blueprints
Day 6 - Stage Operations

Final Pixel, London, UK.

Dates: 11/2022                                                                                                                                                 

  • Short course - Motion Capture and Virtual Production (Supported by Screenskills and BFI)

The course covers the concepts, principles, and applications of motion-capture (mo-cap) as it is deployed in virtual production (VP) environments for animation, films, advertising, and games.

There was a combination of live and pre-recorded online masterclasses and in-person training at virtual production test stages in Central London.

Blackmagic Design, London, UK.

Dates: 01/2021- 06/2021                                                                                                                                                  

  • Short course - DaVinci Resolve 17 (Blackmagic Certified)

A series of live online certified training courses, along with certified exam assessment.

1. Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve 17 Certification (5 days) -  January 2021

2. Editing with DaVinci Resolve 17 Certification (5 days) - January 20213.

3. Fusion Effects with DaVinci Resolve 17 Certification (5 days) - June 2021


Soho Editors, London, UK.

Dates: 05/2020                                                                                                                                                  

  • Short course - Advanced Adobe After Effects - AE102 and AE302 (Adobe Certified)

Image Eyes, London, UK.

Dates: 02/2019                                                                                                                                                   

  • Short course - High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour Gamut (ScreenSkills Approved)

Image Eyes, London, UK.

Dates: 09/2018                                                                                                                                                    

  • Short course - Quality assessment of file-based broadcast television programmes (ScreenSkills Approved)

Four Corners Film, London, UK.

Dates: 01/2016                                                                                                                                                    

  • Short course - Digital Cinema Camera Skills (ScreenSkills approved) - DIT Training 


Met Film School, London, UK.

Dates: 10/2015-04/2016 


  • Short course - Postproduction (6 months part-time)

  • Subject areas: VFX Compositing, Motion Graphics, Editing and Colour Grading.   

Ravensbourne College, London, UK.

Dates: 07/2015

  • Short course – Intermediate Film Compositing: Special Effects - (NukeX)

Ravensbourne College, London, UK.

Dates: 07/2014

  • Short course – Introduction to Film Compositing: Special Effects - (NukeX)

Escape Studios, London, UK. 

Dates: 04-08/2014


  • Short course - Compositing for Visual Effects (NukeX)

  • Short course - 3D for Visual Effects (NukeX, Maya and Photoshop)


Ravensbourne College, London, UK. 

Dates: 09/2010

  • Short course - After Effects CS5 (Adobe Certified)

VET Training, London, UK.

Dates: 05/2008

  • Short course - MC 101: Editing with Avid Media Composer (Avid Certified)

VET Training, London, UK.                                                                                                                                

Dates: 10-11/2007

  • Short Course - Understanding Video Technology

Panico Films and London Film Academy

Dates: 07/2005-08/2005   

  • Short Course - Film Foundation 

London Academy of Radio, Film and Television

Dates: 09/2004


  • Diploma - Digital Film Editing (1 week Short Course)

University of Greenwich, Greenwich, London, UK.

Dates: 2001-2003

  • BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology (Final Year)

Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK.

Dates: 1998-2001

  • BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology (First and Second Year)

Position: VFX Editor

Employer: Lipsync Post, London, UK.

Dates: Mar 2018 – May 2018

  • Managing the internal edits of various productions and ensuring all sequences are up-to-date with the latest scans, VFX shots and offline references.

  • Conforming published shots to the current edit and performing QC checks.

  • Liaising with client-side editorial and the production team, to establish show specifications such as colour space, crop settings and delivery formats and to meet production deadlines.

  • Running client and internal screening room review sessions using RV or Avid Media Composer.

  • Performing daily production requests including the creation of in-house reels, sequence exports, technical breakdowns and performing shot retimes and resizes.

Position: Freelance VFX Editor

Employer: Peerless VFX , London, UK.

Dates: Jan 2018 – Feb 2018

  • Updating sequences with any changes to the cut, processing new turnovers received from editorial and communicating any issues to production.

  • Creating shot directories and organising reference material such as camera logs, lens grids, reference images etc.

  • Cutting in VFX works in progress and finals into master edit sequences and confirming timing and line-ups.

  • Quality control checks of all VFX shots before submitting to clients via FTP, making grade adjustments in Nuke for over-exposed plates.

  • Running internal dailies sessions and client editorial reviews.

  • Maintain production Google Documents with the latest shot versions, confirming frame counts and time codes match the offline edit.


Position: VFX Editorial Assistant

Employer: BlueBolt, London, UK.

Dates: May 2017 – Dec 2017

  • Assisting both Editorial & Production where required.

  • Setting up and running Dailies, Monthlies, Client Reviews and Cinesync sessions in Nuke Studio and RV, both scheduled and ad-hoc.

  • Preparing BID timelines.

  • Creating and setting up new projects with the appropriate technical specifications including aspect ratio, resolution, colour spaces and LUTs.

  • Ensuring project timelines in Nuke Studio and Hiero are kept up to date across multiple television shows and feature films.

  • Cutting shot selects for award reels and editing VFX breakdowns and sizzle reels in Adobe Premiere.

  • Transcoding video files to image sequences in Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder.

  • Updating playlists on Shotgun and monitoring Deadline for exported and published shots.

  • Manage incoming and outcoming data – via drives and file transfer applications such as Sohonet, Aspera etc.

  • Publish shot turnovers and prepare client deliverables alongside production, including watermarked minicuts and sequence edits of episodes for client approval and submissions.

  • Responsible for quality control checks on both incoming and outgoing material including checking shots are rendered and conformed in the correct colourspace, appropriate LUTs and CDLs have been applied and shot information is up-to-date in Shotgun.

Position: Stereo Dailies Editor

Employer: Prime Focus World, London, UK.

Dates: Sep 2016 – Feb 2017

  • Creating up-to-date edit sequences for dailies, reels, trailers and showreels and conforming film title sequences.

  • Running client and internal reviews via screening room and TVIPS using FrameCycler and responsible for the set up of the playback machines, 4K projector, routing and patching.

  • Processing artist submissions for approval and performing QC checks of shots delivered to the client and reporting any issues

  • Managing and troubleshooting the Deadline Render Farm to produce image sequences and Quicktime move file exports.

  • Maintaining and updating shot information in the Filemaker Pro shot tracking database.

  • Exporting various file formats via Nuke and other proprietary software tools.

Position: Freelance QC Editor

Employer: Deluxe/The Walt Disney Company, London, UK.

Dates: Aug 2016 – Sep 2016

  • Responsible for the technical QC and spot check of original masters for Disney Junior programming.

  • Creating compliance edits, audiovisual fixes and syncing multi-language audio files to create TX master files ready for delivery to transmission platforms using Adobe Premiere and Adobe Media Encoder.

  • Producing QC reports and updating the asset management system.

Position: Freelance Assistant Editor and Technical Operator

Employer: Various - Fremantle Media, The Farm Group, BBC, Azimuth Post Production, Arrow Media, London, UK.

Dates: Mar 2016 – Aug 2016

FremantleMedia UK (formerly talkbackTHAMES)

  • Providing technical and operational support to the new in-house post production department.

  • Managing workspaces and projects on Avid Unity ISIS and media assets on Avid Interplay.

  • Troubleshooting technical issues and processing any client enquiries such as exports and uploads via WeTransfer, Vimeo and Media Shuttle.

  • Ingesting, transcoding and conforming from a range of tape formats and tapeless media via Avid Media Composer.

  • Responsible for playouts to XDCAM and DVD via Content Agent, duplicating DVD copies and digitising new footage for VT and Studio edits, promos and marketing.

  • Updating the Farmer's Wife scheduling system, setting up edit suites and installing new plug-ins and drivers.


The Farm Group

  • Conforming Britain's Got Talent and Britain's Got More Talent Series 10 from a range tape formats and tapeless source material.


  • Providing technical and operational support as part of the TV and Media Operations Department.

  • Troubleshooting technical issues and processing enquiries such as exports and uploads/downloads via WeTransfer, Box and Media Shuttle.

  • Responsible for tape playouts, inserts and fixes to HDCAM SR or Digibeta.

  • Performing eyeball QC checks for any compliance issues or technical faults, ensuring Vidchecker AQC and Harding reports have passed and all faults are documented, validating file metadata via the DPP Metadata Application and generating new AS-11 compliant files.

Azimuth Post Production

  • Providing technical and operational support to various edit and audio suites.

  • Managing workspaces and projects on EditShare.

  • Ingesting and transcoding from a range of tape formats and tapeless media via Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Media Encoder and MPEG Streamclip.

  • Troubleshooting technical issues and processing any client and staff enquiries such as exports and uploads/downloads via WeTransfer, Youtube and Media Shuttle.

Postion: Freelance Media Management Operator

Employer: Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services, London, UK.

Dates: Dec 2015 – Jan 2016

  • Working as part of the Digital Hive team at Ericsson to process files for UKTV VOD platforms.

  • Transcoding material using Vantage and adding the appropriate bumpers, channel logos and programme metadata.

  • Performing spot check QC on all files for any compliance issues or technical faults before delivering to the client.

  • Updating the BT master and material request schedules and requesting material via the Omnibus and Ardome servers.

Position: Freelance Edit Assistant

Employer: Timeline Television, London, UK., London, UK

Dates: Jul 2015 – Nov 2015

  • Providing technical and operational support to Editing and Grading departments at BT Sport.

  • Managing workspaces and projects on Avid Unity ISIS and media assets on Avid Interplay.

  • Troubleshooting technical issues and processing any client enquiries such as AAF exports and Harding tests.

  • Ingesting and transcoding rushes from various tapeless formats via Avid and Adobe Media Encoder CC and conforming the latest cuts.

  • Importing media and exporting sequences in Adobe Premiere CC for broadcast and digital platforms.

  • Transferring material and updating metadata on EVS IP Director.

  • Updating the Media Pulse schedule and setting up edit suites.

Position: Freelance DMC Operator

Employer: Electric Theatre Collective, London, UK.

Dates: Sep 2015 – Oct 2015

  • Short term contract up until 9th October.

  • Providing operational support to the Compositing, Colour Grading and CG departments, as part of the Digital Media Centre.

  • Creating deliverables via in-house software and repurposing/converting media via Media Encoder, Compressor and Episode Pro.

  • Artwork prep in Adobe Creative Suite CC including resizing, cropping, checking colorspace, format and colour conversion.

  • Quality checking HD and SD spots in Adobe Premiere CC, before sending media to Vidchecker for automated QC checks and remote Harding tests.

  • Downloading and uploading files via Media Shuttle, Aspera, Wetransfer and FTP and ingesting media from hard drives.

Position: Freelance VFX Editor

Employer: Lipsync Post, London, UK.

Dates: Jun 2015 – Jun 2015

  • Short term freelance contract up to 26th June - "Olympus" Episodes 10-13.

  • Creating new plates from Red Rushes using RedCineX and Hiero and requestiing VFX pulls from DI for any Blackmagic rushes.

  • Updating and checking edits with the latest shot versions for review sessions and liaising with client editorial regarding edit revisions.

  • Ensuring all reference material had been received from client editorial including offline QTs, EDLs, VFX breakdowns, line up sheets etc.

  • Providing artists with frame number information, new plates and dealing with requests.

  • Maintaining the project database in FTrack and monitoring published shots from artists.

  • Ingesting new material sent from vendors, transferring data to near line storage for playback and reviews and uploading to clients via FTP and Aspera.

Position: Render Wrangler/VFX Editorial

Employer: One Of Us, London, UK.

Dates: Jan 2015 – May 2015

  • Managing the render farm via PipelineFX's Qube. Monitoring and prioritising 2D and 3D render queues, identifying errors and escalating any issues to technical support. Through effective organisation and regularly updating the error spreadsheet, I have been able to track any incidents and assist in troubleshooting any software or hardware issues such as failed renders or faulty workstations.

  • Creating Quicktime and DPX files from Nuke scripts using FFMpeg. Reviewing all shots in Nuke and RV for quality control and utilising Shotgun to establish client versions and check frame numbers before delivery.

  • Communicating with artists to ensure their renders are created successfully, providing feedback about shots such as missing or corrupt frames and investigating any recurring issues that could require replacing equipment or installing new applications, licenses or plug ins.

  • Managing resources including disk management, calibrating monitors, data uploads and downloads via FTP, Aspera, Signiant and transport drives.

  • Producing daily log reports for the production and management teams. This was vital in highlighting any priority jobs in the render farm, so that particular shots could be reviewed and worked on by the artists the next day, The reports helped to manage the workflow, so delays were kept to a minimum and productions were on target to meet deadlines.

  • Shadowing artists to gain an understanding of rendering requirements from Houdini and Nuke and how they integrate with Qube.

Position: I/O Operator

Employer: Technicolor, London, UK.

Dates: Jul 2013 – Dec 2014

  • Supporting several departments including editorial, grading and audio with delivery across various tape and file formats.

  • Encoding and re-wrapping to various codecs via Final Cut Pro, Content Agent, Digital Rapids, Compressor, MPEG Streamclip, Toast Titanium etc.

  • Ingesting from digital acquisition formats (R3D, ARRI ProRes and ARRI RAW, SI2K, Phantom), and sending files and receiving files via multiple file delivery applications such as Aspera, Fotokem, Smartjog etc.

  • Responsible for film and digital file rushes, VFX pulls and conforms in Avid Media Composer and installation and configuration of tape backup via LTO and LTFS tapes.

  • Establishing and maintaining network directories, monitoring SAN volumes, data/project backup, extractions and management using Linux command line and Python scripts.

  • Managing the upload of digital assets and input of metadata for various online services, such as Disney Digital Share and Adstream

  • VT support including clones, dubs, edit suite playouts, inserts/fixes, digitising, transcoding, DVD authoring and duplication.


Position: Freelance Edit Assistant

Employer: Warner Bros. Television, London, UK.

Dates: Jun 2013 – Aug 2013

  • Responsible for preparing media for offline and online projects and managing workspaces on EditShare

  • Ingesting from a range of tape formats and tapeless media, exporting Quicktime files as viewing copies and uploading files via WeTransfer and Vimeo,

  • Providing technical support to suites and backing up Avid projects and managing bookings on Farmer's Wife.

Position: Freelance Post Production Edit Assistant

Employer: BSkyB, London, UK.

Dates Employed Feb 2013 – Jul 2013

  • Supporting the Offline, Online and VFX teams for television shows "This Is Jinsy Series 2", "A League Of Their Own Series 7" and "Duck Quacks Don’t Echo".

  • Importing new VFX shots, graphics and video material into Avid projects, managing media on ISIS workspaces and Interplay servers and exporting Quicktime reference movies of locked cuts to VFX department.

  • Ingesting, transcoding and backing up rushes from a variety of tapeless formats from Canon 5D and C300 to XF105 and XF305 for Duck Quacks Don't Echo.

  • Creating EDL's for the online, VFX and Audio departments, exporting AAFs and Quicktimes files as viewing copies; uploading files via Aframe, Youtube and Wetransfer.

  • Attending online viewing sessions and conforms, pulling shots or scenes from sequences requiring further processing and clean-up, matching revised VFX shots to locked cuts and inserting background shots to offline edits.

  • Responsible for playouts to HDCAM and DVD, digitising new footage for VT and Studio edits, duplicating DVD copies, sourcing clips from rushes tapes, producing tape pull/spool lists for conforms and distributing production documents e.g. scripts, camera logs, rushes logs etc. to different departments.

  • Synching and grouping VT inserts and creating sync pull sequences from Canon C300, 5D and Go Pro rushes for A League Of Their Own Series 7.

  • Searching for music clips on Soundmouse for Editors and Producers and importing into Avid.

Position: Freelance Edit Assistant and Ingest Operator

Employer: Box Television, London, UK.

Dates: Dec 2012 – Mar 2013

  • Responsible for digitising rushes, tape dubbing and cloning.

  • Creating DVD’s and exporting files via Content Agent.

  • Ingesting video material into Pebble Beach Neptune and managing quality control and compliance checks before live playout across several music channels including Kerrang! and 4Music.

  • Running Harding tests on video files played out from Pipeline.

  • Backing up rushes from SxS cards and media from workspaces onto LTO-5 tapes.

Position: Freelance Edit Assistant, Data Wrangler and Media Operator

Employer: Various - Discovery Networks, ENVY Post Production, Re:fine, London, UK.

Dates: Sep 2012 – Dec 2012

  • Reversioning and re-edits of different projects in accordance to Discovery's technical specifications and compliance guidelines.

  • Creating AAF's and mixdowns, down-res and re-drop sequences, relinking media, edit fixes and repairs.

  • Managing workspaces on Unity ISIS, organising media assets on Mediaflex and Interplay and setting up RAID 1 drives.

  • Digitising and relinking rushes from XDCAM HD into Avid Media Composer, file import and data management.

  • Creating dubs and clones from various tape formats including Digibeta, HDCam and HDCam SR.and standards conversion via Alchemist Ph.C HD and UKON HD converters.

Position: Freelance Data Wrangler

Employer: The Hub Plus, London, UK.

Dates: Aug 2012 – Sep 2012

  • Managing the download and upload of digital files, data and file management and quality control of HD and SD content.

  • Reversioning/repurposing files in Final Cut Pro for different clients such as Adstream and Beam.

  • Managing bookings on Farmers Wife scheduling system.

  • Encoding and transcoding files for broadcast, online distribution and live events, using a variety of programs including Episode Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, Compressor, MPEG Streamclip, Content Agent etc.


Australia and USA

Dates: Jun 2012 – Jul 2012

Position: Media Operator/Re-versioning Editor

Employer: Fox International Channels, Sydney, Australia.

Dates: Nov 2011 – May 2012

  • Ingesting and transcoding content to the required in house format.

  • Compiling, reversioning and mastering program content using Final Cut Pro, in readiness for broadcast across the National Geographic Channels and FX Channel, as well as VOD content for numerous clients such as Baby TV.

  • Managing duplication, formatting, archiving and localisation of media assets for broadcast and digital media platforms.

  • Uploading/Downloading files via several delivery methods including Signiant, Aspera, FoxFast, FTP etc., transferring media to Seagate 2TB drives and creating backup drives.

  • Reporting all discrepancies and faults to ensure quality of ingested material is maintained.

  • Maintaining and registering all content through the Material Archive database system and updating Nat Geo and FX schedule lists.

  • Quality control all media assets for broadcast and digital media including stereo and 5.1 channel monitoring; exporting files to be verified by Baton and transcoded via Carbon Coder for VOD clients such as Fetch TV and ensuring all content is available prior to playout.



  • Contributed towards the launch of the FX Channel in February 2012, as a member of the Media Operations team.

  • Maintaining a daily target of 8 edited programs ready for export.

  • Achieving a minimum 4 week advanced schedule, before programs are due for playout to air.

  • Awarded extra responsiblity for local television series Travel Oz, Culture X and Aussie Way Up, which required more complicated audio and video cuts, replacing straps, inserting new graphic elements/logos, blurring faces etc.

Position: Freelance Encoding and New Media Operator

Employer: Chief Entertainment, Sydney, Australia.

Dates: Jul 2011 – Dec 2011

  • Managing and co-ordinating the live video and audio streaming for BigPond Sports, including content for V8 Supercars, Horseracing, NRL and AFL matches.

  • Distributing VOD content to mobile phones and for online streaming and download, such as match highlight packages and full game replays, using a variety of encoding platforms.

  • Responsible for effective communication between the encoding, editing, presentation/MCR and international streaming departments

Position: Freelance Client Services and Ingest Coordinator

Employer: Dubsat, Sydney, Australia.

Dates: Jun 2011 – Oct 2011

  • Coordinating the tape and file ingest of television commercials, music videos, trailers and EPK material, using a range of proprietary software.

  • Ensuring that all material is transcoded and quality controlled by specific deadlines.

  • Communicating with clients regarding any content issues including OP48 compliance, broadcast standards, video/audio faults etc. and notifying other members of the Client Services team in the Melbourne and Sydney offices.

  • Managing and prioritising client bookings via the online management console.


Position: Compile Editor and Ingest Operator

Employer: Foxtel, Sydney, Australia.

Dates: May 2011 – Oct 2011

  • Compiling and reversioning program content using Final Cut Pro, in readiness for broadcast across the Lifestyle Channels i.e. compiling content in segments to include ad breaks and adding transitions, removing outdated sponsors, websites and advertisements, adding clapper boards and clocks.

  • Achieving the daily targets of compiling and editing over 6 hours of programming and reducing the number of program issues to a minimal amount.

  • Preparing the content in line with briefs and to deadline, whilst meeting XYZ and Broadcast standards i.e. Quality control of audio and video material, checking information on clappers/slates, exporting Quicktime files and re-importing to playout to tape.

  • Completing all necessary paperwork such as cue sheets, monthly log reports, daily compile and fault reports and communicating any issues to the relevant departments.

  • Ingesting and transcoding tape and file content for the Lifestyle and Music Promos teams via Pipeline, Final Cut Pro and XDCAM Transfer.

  • Managing Final Cut Server storage and archiving; inputting metadata for program content and camera rushes (Canon 5D/7D and XDCAM).

  • Assisting Producers with tape playouts; creating the latest music video compilations for Channel V, Max and CMC; dubbing tapes to DVD for Censoring and Archive departments.

Position: Freelance Edit and Media Support Operator

Employer: Evolutions, London, UK.

Dates: Jan 2011 – Mar 2011

  • Provided technical and operational support across a range of Final Cut Pro and Avid edit suites inclduing setting up VT decks and monitors, routing and patching, tape dubbing and cloning, creating DVD’s and exporting files via Content Agent, creating back up drives and edit projects.

  • Preparing media for offline and online projects, managing workspaces via Unity ISIS , ingesting from a range of SD/HD tape formats and tapeless media, creating OMFI's, AAF's, EDL's, Audio and Video Mixdowns, various playouts and playins into Avid, uploading files via FTP and updating jobs/bookings in Scheduall.

Position: Freelance Edit Assistant/Ingest Operator

Employer: Box Television, London, UK.

Dates: Dec 2010 – Mar 2011

  • Responsible for digitising rushes; tape dubbing and cloning.

  • Creating DVD’s and exporting files via Content Agent.

  • Ingesting video material into Pebble Beach Neptune andrunning Harding tests on video files played out from FastTrax.

  • Managing quality control and compliance checks before live playout across several music channels including Kerrang! and 4Music.

Position: Freelance QC Technician

Employer: Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, London, UK.

Dates: Aug 2009 – Mar 2011

  • Testing a variety of DVD and Blu-ray titles including disc contents such as audio, video, graphics and subtitles for overall quality.

  • Ensuring disc functionality and navigation operate according to test plans.

  • Conducting player compatibility tests, producing bug reports, updating the QC database and stereo and 5.1 audio monitoring. a

  • Assessing the quality of VOD content for portals such as iTunes and Sony PlayStation Networks.

  • Encoding HD material via Final Cut Pro and utilising Adobe Media Encoder and VirtualDub to transcode to other file formats.

Position: Freelance MCR and Edit Assistant

Employer: Prime Focus, London, UK.

Dates: Oct 2010 – Dec 2010

  • Providing operational and technical support to over 30 Avid and FCP suites and preparing media for offline.

  • Managing workspaces on EditShare, installing drives, rigging decks and updating job progress on Xytech.

  • Responsible for digitising, conforming, playouts, dubbing and setting up VT equipment.

  • Ingesting media from a variety of formats and transcoding for different deliverables uploaded via FTP andAspera for viewing on FORscene and

  • exporting EDLs, OMFIs, Quicktime and WMV files.

  • Co-ordinating assets, dealing with client and staff enquiries and general troubleshooting task, completing all documentation and technical reports.

Position: Various

Employer: Various Temporary Assignments, Vancouver, Canada.

Dates: Nov 2008 – Jun 2009

  • Produce Clerk, Urban Fare, Vancouver, Canada. (Retail) 05/2009-06/2009

  • Pet Products Associate, PetSmart, Vancouver, Canada. (Retail) 02/2009-06/2009

  • Various temporary positions, Vancouver, Canada. 11/2008-02/2009

Position: Temporary Junior Regeneration Officer

Employer: London Borough of Redbridge , London, UK.

Dates: Sep 2008 – Oct 2008

  • Preparing a report detailing a marketing campaign for the Ilford BID.

  • Entering financial data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and calculating different campaign budgets.

  • Liasing with design and print companies for quotes on advertising costs and gathering design samples.

  • Meetings with other council members.

Position: Digitiser/Edit Assistant

Employer: Objective Productions, London.UK.

Dates: Jul 2008 – Sep 2008

  • Responsible for digitising and conforming material from a variety of tape formats and consolidating media.

  • Grouping and synching dailies for multi-cam shoots using Avid Media Composer.

  • Creating DVDs and managing projects on Avid Unity and Facilis TerraBlock storage systems.

Position: Encode Operator

Employer: Ascent 142, London, UK.

Dates: May 2008 – Jul 2008

  • Responsible for encoding, quality control, storage, electronic watermarking and file delivery of digital content.

  • Encoding video content and transcoding data to required formats, file re-wrapping and transfer.

  • Updating QC reports and verifying metadata.


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